About Us

Joor Toon is here to  inspire individuals to embrace their unique sense of style and express themselves through vibrant and playful clothing. We aim to revolutionize the fashion industry by pushing the boundaries of consumerism and integrating art movements, ideas, and visual intensity. Through our abstract prints and innovative designs, we seek to enhance people's personal style and empower them to stand out from the crowd. At Joor Toon, we believe that fashion is a form of self-expression and we are committed to providing high-quality, fashion-forward products that reflect individuality and creativity.

The Owner / Designer

Joor Pathak, the owner, and designer of Joor Toon, is a graphic designer by trade who founded the brand out of frustration with the lack of exciting choices in men's clothing. Finding the available options to be dull and uninspiring, he pursued Fashion as a minor in university, where he developed a passion for exploring previous eras of fashion and art movements.

The excessiveness of 80s fashion greatly influenced Joor Toon's designs, as he appreciated the boldness and extravagance of this era. The vibrant colors, oversized silhouettes, and experimentation with materials from the 80s can be seen as key elements in his creations.

The peacock era of 70s fashion also left a lasting impression on Joor Pathak. This era was characterised by flamboyant and expressive styles, and he drew inspiration from the era's playfulness and penchant for eye-catching designs, incorporating similar elements into his own clothing line.

Joor Toon's designs are also heavily influenced by the Memphis movement, an art movement known for its unique and quirky aesthetics. The movement embraced geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and a sense of whimsy, which resonated with Joor Pathak's vision of creating playful and intense prints for his clothing.

The Bauhaus movement's impact can be seen in the balance and harmony that Joor Toon strives to achieve in its designs. The Bauhaus movement emphasized the fusion of form and function, and Joor Pathak aims to incorporate avant-garde elements into wearable consumer fashion, striking a delicate balance between runway-worthy pieces and accessible clothing.

In summary, Joor Toon's creations are a reflection of Joor Pathak's passion for exploring previous art and fashion movements. He combines the excessiveness of 80s fashion, the peacock era of 70s fashion, the playfulness of the Memphis movement, and the balanced aesthetics of the Bauhaus movement to create a unique and vibrant clothing line that stands out in the world of menswear.